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Kazan State Medical University

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The Kazan State Medical University is located in the central part of the city Kazan, Russia. Kazan State Medical University is one of the most popular medical university in Russia.

Thousands of Indian students have graduated in the past. It is considered as one of the top universities of Russia. It is a multi functional and multi-leveled government institution for higher learning in medicine that comes under the system of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Ministry of Health in Russia.

There are 9 faculties and 65 medicine departments in this university. It has more than 5500 medical students including
interns. KSMU is recognized by MCI, WHO, UK, USA, and other considerable countries.

The faculty of medicine was opened at the newly inaugurated Kazan Emperor University in 1814, which eventually become the Kazan Medical Institute.

The medical faculty separated from the university in 1930, eventually become Kazan State Medical University and gained university status in its own right in 1994.

KSMU is the 3rd rank university among the top 10 list of Russian medical universities. The Kazan state medical university country ranking is 124 (As per Indian Embassy listed in top 5 Medical Universities of Russia).

The only intake or the admission process in KSMU follows from June to October.The university offers world-class medical education to students who come from more than 57 countries in the world including India.

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